Blanco Springs

Approximately 77 acres with nearly 1,370 feet of Blanco River frontage and absolutely spectacular improvements. The entire property was completely restored a few years ago with great respect and attention to detail. The 1940’s era main house comprises of 1,866 square feet of beautiful original hard-wood floors, rock walls, antique barn tin ceilings, top of the line fixtures, professional grade kitchen appliances, and even a “hidden” area for the kids. Every square foot was carefully thought out and updated to breathe new life into it while preserving the beauty of the past. Guests enjoy a 3,151 square foot detached “hotel/bar” just a few steps away. The building includes 3 large hotel-style rooms, 2 bathrooms, and decked out bar making it the ideal spot for entertaining. Two springs are located on the property and feed a number of unique, jaw-dropping enhancements. First, just below the guest’s hotel, sits an approximately 1.2 acre wakeboarding lake equipped with several ramps, sliders, and a 25 foot high cable spanning its length. A second .25 acre swimming and fishing lake is right next to it that empties into a mason constructed, rock-bottom creek ideal for wading or lounging. The water from this creek eventually winds around and spills into the Blanco River but it is also funneled about 600 feet into a rock pool/spa down by the river’s edge. For the ultimate spa experience, shut off the water to the pool and fire up the heater! This area of the Blanco River is just above a dam allowing for excellent year-round swimming and fishing in the cool, clean water. Back up near the house, nestled among a group of large Oak Trees, sits the foreman’s house and a 4-stall horse barn with a tack room and holding pens. The masterful planning and thoughtfulness that have gone into this place is truly remarkable and makes this property one of the most unique places in the Texas Hill Country.

Offered at $3,995,000

Please contact Todd Fox to schedule a showing. (512)755-4433

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